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"Fox & Friends" Guest Attacks "Ground Zero Mosque" & Praises Opponents As "Freedom Fighters"

Reported by Priscilla - January 17, 2011 -

Just when you thought that you've heard the last of Imam Rauf and Park51, Fox "News" is reviving the "controversy." In what appeared to be nothing more than more Islamophobic agitprop, the weekend "Fox & Friends" hosted right wing Jamie Glasov, editor of David Horowitz's "Right Wing Mag" and author of "Showdown With Evil" which features chapters with titles like "Islam, The Religion of Peace?" and "Obama's Destructive Path" - so bias here, nosirree. The topic was the replacement, as senior advisor to Park51, of Imam Rauf - something that Geller has used to "declare victory." Carrying her message of victory, as well as smearing Rauf and his successor was Jamie Glasov who was handed the agitprop ball and ran with it right down to the end zone!

Glazov is part of the "creeping sharia" crowd. His article "The Disastrous Consequences of Muslim Inbreeding" (Funny, the right wing accuses Margaret Sanger of supporting eugenics...) was excerpted on the "English Defense League Forum." This group isn't a British "football" club; but a violent anti-Muslim, far right group. So who better than to talk about Park51, right? Camerota reported about the "major shakeup in the group pushing for a ground zero mosque. The controversial Imam Faisel Rauf is out but he's being replaced who may have controversy of his own. Why the change and what's the new imam all about?"

Agitprop Deconstruction - "Major Shakeup" - Not really major, Rauf still remains on the board of directors. "Controversial Imam Rauf" - Rauf became "controversial as a result of relentless attacks by Geller et al and Fox "News." It is suggested that Rauf's replacement "may" be controversial thus setting the stage for the subsequent attack (probably just the first volley) against Rauf's replacement. And the Pièce de résistance- "Ground Zero Mosque" - a term which might have been coined by Geller and which is inaccurate because this building is a cultural center with the mosque being only a small part and because it is not at "Ground Zero."

Clayton Morris asked Jamie Glasov if he was "surprised that the Ground Zero, the Islamic Center is now in fact..." He lost Glasov for a moment but continued: "the question of whether for some troubling connections that may have arisen are you surprised by the selection of this new imam to head up this project.

Agitprop Deconstruction - "troubling connections" - "troubling" is a subjective term regarding "connections" that were only "troubling" to those who opposed the project and, of course, promoted by Fox "News" as "guilt by association."
Echoing Geller, Glasov said "this is a great victory for those who love America." He claimed that Rauf has been "totally exposed for his terror connections, support of terror, sharia, etc. and thank you to Pamela Geller, the freedom fighter that led the fight to expose this guy..." He then did the "guilt by association thing" by claiming that the new imam is connected to Imam Siraj Wahhaj who, according to Glasov, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing. Camerota then challenged Glasov about the "connections." Glasov claimed that the "evidence is out there" (A-hem!) and referred viewers to Geller's site.

Factcheck - Wahhaj has met with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and "was merely one of the 171 names that appeared on a list of those who were un-indicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators."

Glasov ranted some more and Morris concluded with "there's some real questions about financing and how this whole thing will come together.." Glasov said "exactly, they won't discuss where they're getting this money from." He cited "Discover the Network. org." which, as he noted, is run by David Horowitz and mentioned that Pam Geller "is doing a great job." After mentioning Robert Spencer (part of the "creeping Sharia" crowd) he said that "we've got freedom fighters on the front lines. We're not gonna take this lying down."

Comment: Good Lord!

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