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This Is What FOX NEWS Is Like Toned Down? Really?!

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 16, 2011 -

By Aria

Since Roger Ailes’ announcement that FOX NEWS was going to tone it down, I’ve been paying extra special attention to see if anyone would tone it down enough that I could notice. Not counting the fact that Brit Hume trivialized the shooting or that Fox News didn't want to hear complaints about right-wing rhetoric, there is still plenty of reason to wonder when (if ever) Ailes plans to begin keeping his network in check.

News Hounds has noted an unhinged vendetta against Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Bill O’Reilly joking about someone killing Tom Brokaw, unprofessionalism from Glenn Beck, dangerously irresponsible comments from Hannity and (of course) numerous attacks against the left. We haven't even gotten yet to posts about Beck’s bizarre fixation with Frances Fox Piven and we’ve only covered certain angles of the "Protect Princess Sarah!” campaign. They're still fear mongering about the health care reform law and hate mongering about Nancy Pelosi … and a picture of Ailes just blowing smoke becomes alarmingly clear.

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