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Watch Sarah Palin’s facebook Fairies Scrub Her Wall In Real Time

Reported by Aunty Em - January 15, 2011 -

There are so many odd and funny things that happen on facebook. For example: It’s been many months since I have been able to comment on the wall of my very dear facefriend Sarah Palin, aka America’s Professional Victim. My ability to post on her wall was removed after I posted 2 negative messages. However, I wasn’t deleted, just silenced. It would seem that I am good enough to be her facefriend, but not good enough to leave any comments. However, I always knew I was not the only one of Mama Grizzly’s facefriends who lost their voice. An examination of her facebook wall shows no negativity whatsoever. Now YouTube user ericspiegelman, who I assume is really Eric Spiegelman, has posted a very amusing clip of Sarah’s wall being scrubbed of negative comments in real time in the wake of the Tucson Massacre. Watch as thousands of comments go down the memory hole:

[h/t Little Green Footballs]

I’ve also left negative comments on the walls of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Oddly enough, these comments are left alone. Not only are they not deleted, but people there just seem to ignore me. Occasionally some kindred spirit will give me a “like,” but the comments are left in perpetuity.

Why is Sarah Palin against Free Speech and the First Amendment?

Sarah Palin is my facefriend and you can be too.

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