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Bill O’Reilly Wants “Very, Very Stringent Investigation” Into Sheriff Dupnik’s Responsibility For Tucson Massacre

Reported by Ellen - January 15, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly kicked up a notch his witch hunt against Pima County, Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. O’Reilly is no longer content to just vilify and demonize Dupnik for having the nerve to suggest that right-wing, inflammatory rhetoric played a part in the Tucson massacre last weekend. Now O’Reilly is suggesting Dupnik bears at least some responsibility for the massacre and is demanding “a very, very stringent investigation by the attorney general of Arizona.” In a sign of Fox News memes to come, guest Lou Dobbs threw in his two cents that Dupnik’s comments were used to cover up his own culpability.

In a discussion last night (1/13/11), O’Reilly wondered why, if Dupnik was so worried about right-wing rhetoric, there weren’t “six deputies” at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ event where the shooting occurred. It was a question he had also raised to Geraldo Rivera in the previous segment.

Had O’Reilly bothered to do any research, he might have discovered that, as Politico reported,

She (Giffords) repeatedly professed to be unconcerned about her own safety, and did not travel with security, even as (previous) intimidation seemed to rattle her staff.

Mark Kimble, a Giffords staffer, told Tucson ABC affiliate KGUN that the congresswoman did not have any security with her Saturday morning, and that wasn’t unusual for her.

“She wants to be as accessible to the people who elected her as possible,” Kimble said.

Dobbs replied, “The logic is irresistible… At the time I said to my listeners that this man (Dupnik) is behaving like someone trying to conceal something. And what he was trying to conceal is exactly what you revealed. And that is that he was in the jurisdiction, (of) the shooter and this congresswoman and those six people he murdered and the 14 others he wounded – and that is Sheriff Dupnik’s jurisdiction… The fact is, this sheriff had interaction with – and his department had interaction with Loughner. There’s no explanation, there’s no focus on that. He wants to talk about heated rhetoric.”

O’Reilly added, “I think there’s gotta be a very, very stringent investigation by the attorney general of Arizona – OK? Into why, if this sheriff was so hopped up about inflammatory behavior, and the Congresswoman’s office had been damaged (in an aftermath of the health care reform vote)… he had zero there. And then they say, ‘Well, we didn’t know about it.’ I’m not buying that for a second.”

I guess Dupnik, who probably has nothing else to do, should spend all his time trying to figure out when government officials are going to hold a public event and then force security on them whether they want it or not.

A few nights ago, Democrat Alicia Menendez challenged O’Reilly’s fixation on Dupnik by asking, “If there’s nothing legit about what he’s saying, then why is he making you nervous?” I can’t help but think that this is similar to O’Reilly’s classless lashing out after the murder of one of his previous scapegoats, abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller. I’m praying Dupnik escapes this O'Reilly witch hunt better than Tiller did.

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