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Bill O'Reilly Thinks Tom Brokaw Being Shot Is Funny?

Reported by Priscilla - January 15, 2011 -

Although Bill O'Reilly is a "pro-life" Catholic, his sense of humor does seem to be a bit homicidal. One would think that after last week's horrific massacre in Arizona, O'Reilly would be a bit sensitive about murder references but the dude just can't help himself. He does see life as a cosmic struggle between the forces of good, that he represents, and the forces of evil represented by those who disagree with Bill, particularly liberals and the ACLU - so what's the harm in "joking" about the "enemies." Bill, raised by a *physically abusive father, is a bit of a bully and a bully makes inappropriate jokes so it doesn't come as a surprise that, once again, Bill jokes about somebody getting killed. Once again, the person getting killed is a person with whom O'Reilly disagrees. But this time, there is rich irony in that Bill's "joke," about multiple award winning author and journalist Tom Brokaw, occurred during a segment called "dumbest things of the week."

H/T "Business Insider"

In November, Washington Post writer Dana Milbank wrote that the Fox News election coverage included a "nominal Democrat, pollster Doug Shoen" who described the election as a repudiation of the Democratic Party. On "The Factor," O'Reilly groused about Millbank: "He said there were no Democrats except for Schoen on. It was an outright lie." OK, so far so good. Bill, no stranger to the art of deception, claimed that Millbank lied. But then Bill told his "joke" - "Does sharia law say we can behead Dana Milbank?" He added "that was a joke." Millbank responded: "Hilarious! Decapitation jokes just slay me, and this one had all the more hilarity because the topic of journalist beheadings brings to mind my late friend and colleague Danny Pearl, who replaced me in the Wall Street Journal's London bureau and later was murdered in Pakistan by people who thought sharia justified it." Despite having received some criticism for the remark, Bill was unrepentant and said to a woman who complained, "Well, let me break this to you gently, Heidi. If Dana Milbank did in Iran what he does in Washington, he'd be hummus." Hardeharhar. Bill continued his comedy in a conversation with Megyn Kelly in which he suggested that he should beat up Millbank. What a comedian!

Earlier this week, O'Reilly played a clip of Tom Brokaw speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program. Joe and Mika (who host the one of the best shows on cable - a show focused on the intellect rather than crude, emotional vitriol) were discussing the present climate of political hate and division - unlike Bill whose response to the tragedy was a paranoid rant about those, including the National Organization for Women, who dared to criticize the vitriol in our society. Brokaw, who unlike Bill, did win a "Peabody," was speaking of the availability of guns and how he would be nervous going into a bar in a state, like Arizona, with concealed carry laws. Bill, with a great big grin, then said "Oh, that's right Tom. So, you're sitting there eating your can of peas, and somebody comes over, 'Oh, you're Tom Brokaw!' BAM!"

Comment: Ah, the homicidal comedic stylings of Bill O'Reilly. Death jokes are really funny after a massacre of innocents at the hands of some sociopath who doesn't think violent killing is any big deal. After Bill did his "beheading" joke, Roger Ailes said that O'Reilly's joke was inappropriate but that Bill just "shot his mouth off." Well, whoops he did it again. But beyond being inappropriate it's scary because when Bill talks people listen and do things like send death threats to the objects of Bill's scorn and derision. Bill actually did get an award (not a Peabody) for his vitriolic contributions to a climate of hate in which an abortion provider was assassinated. If a high school student, from an abusive home, engaged in constant vitriolic rhetoric coupled with homicidal "jokes," school officials would be remiss if they did not refer said student for a psych evaluation and follow up counseling. But Bill O'Reilly is a good conservative who is "looking out for us" so it's all good. I'm sure Fox News has gold plated health benefits which include mental health services. Perhaps Roger Ailes should think about an "intervention." Oh wait, Bill is big and nasty and nasty does get ratings so, once again, it's all good!

Per Marvin Kittman, O'Reilly's "authorized" biographer ("The Man Who Wouldn't Shut Up)
"O'Reilly has a history of physical abuse from his father, documented in my book." Kittman also notes: "If you want to go deep, I think O'Reilly has a God complex. It's not that he thinks he is bigger than God, but that he is God's voice on earth."


The Brokaw "joke" around 3:15

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