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Will Democrat Doug Schoen Follow His Own Advice And Tell Fox News To “Tamp Down” Rhetorical Excess?

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2011 -

Fox News Democrat Doug Schoen appeared on America Live yesterday (1/1/3/11) to discuss whether or not President Obama’s Tucson Memorial speech would end the “blame game,” as FoxNews.com put it. I doubt any of our readers would have trouble guessing whom Fox News is blaming for the “blame game.” Schoen, who always seems more eager to cozy up to conservatives than he is to advocate for Democrats, has not only overlooked Glenn Beck’s over-the-top rhetoric, Schoen has come close to endorsing it indirectly. But yesterday, Schoen advised viewers to tell anyone “from the left or from the right” that they should “tamp it down” if they hear inflammatory comments. We hope Schoen will follow his own advice.

Host Megyn Kelly did a fairly decent job (as Fox News hosts go) in the segment but she just happened to single out Hillary Clinton in the beginning as one of “those… who have injected some politics” into the Tucson massacre.

Without noting any of the right’s extremely inflammatory rhetoric (it was Kelly who did so, later) Schoen called that kind of reaction “bad and wrong.” His “advocacy” amounted to pointing out that it was not just Clinton but that “both sides are wrong.” He didn’t even mention Sarah Palin’s far more inflammatory “blood libel” remarks.

Kelly said, “Most of the criticism (of inflammatory rhetoric) has been coming from the left,” and then asked, “So do they listen to (President Obama)?”

Again, Schoen couldn’t seem to think of anything good to say on behalf of what is supposed to be his own party (despite having done a GOP fundraiser recently). “I think the far left may disagree… But I think the vast majority of Democrats realize that they were over-reaching, engaging in speculation that was destructive. And I hope and expect that most Democrats will understand that there is no good to be gained from doing what they’ve been doing.”

“What responsibility falls on party leaders?” Kelly asked. She cited Republican Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment remedies” comments (conveniently overlooking anyone connected to Fox News) and asked, “What should people do if they hear comments like that now?”

Schoen replied, “I think you want to say, ‘Tamp it down,’ whether it’s from the left or from the right. If Sharron Angle does it, if left-wing critics do it, it’s just plain wrong. There’s right and wrong in this country. There’s civility and if we get back to an old-fashioned right and wrong, we’ll be a lot better off.”

As much as I’d like to believe that Schoen will follow that path, his history suggests otherwise. This is the same “Democrat” who used the term “un-American” when criticizing other Democrats; the same “Democrat” who suggested that President Obama was undermining democratic, fair and open elections; and the same Democrat who gushed over Andrew Breitbart for promoting the now-discredited ACORN videos.