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Why Sarah Palin Used the Term Blood Libel

Reported by Aunty Em - January 13, 2011 -

Many people were shocked and appalled yesterday when Sarah Palin used the term "blood libel" to defend herself in her Fox "News" tee vee studio in Wasilla. From reading many comment threads all over the Blogosphere, it would appear that the comments could be placed in one of two categories:

1). "America's Professional Victim" didn't really know how deeply offensive the term is. Let's call them the "Sarah is dumb" crowd;
2). The "Sarah is too smart for her own good" group seems to think she knew all too well what she was saying and was merely blowing a dog whistle to her base, who already believe the media is controlled by Jews.

Sarah Jones at Politicususa has an interesting take on the whole kerfuffle. Jones believes this is "The Other Sarah," the "narcissistic sociopath," she tries to keep carefully hidden, which still manages to escape from time to time:

So when the world heard Palin’s battle cry yesterday, they were stunned. But those who know her weren't. While the media and the public struggle to make sense of “blood libel”, they fall into the waiting traps of their own expectations of their Sarah. The person on that video from yesterday is, of course, unrecognizable to them because she is the Other Sarah. The extremist, paranoid, secretive and mentally unfit Sarah Palin.

This is the Sarah who demanded resignations from city employees right after being sworn in as mayor of Wasilla, her 600 votes being interpreted as a coronation. This is the Sarah Palin described by high school colleague Cheryl Welch — who was not only more popular than Palin, but academically superior and the actual star basketball player — as a “rabid little thing” who would scratch and claw and turn red in the face if she lost. This is the Sarah Palin who hunted down her ex-brother-in-law and foisted the full force of her gubernatorial power upon him. This is the Sarah Palin who fired a trooper whom wouldn’t fire the brother-in-law and whom also criticized her for driving her baby around without a car seat. This is the Sarah Palin who minutes before being taped for her now infamous Katie Couric interview, with “glassy, dead” eyes, began frantically wiping her make up off and shrieking that she didn’t like it. This is the Sarah Palin who throws canned goods at her husband and shrieks, “You’re fucking lucky to have me.” And now we come to the meat of the problem; when cornered, when attacked, when she loses something or is criticized, the Other Sarah comes out.

This Sarah cannot be contained and that’s why the McCain campaign kept her under wraps. It wasn't because she was “stupid” as so many posited. It was because she was “frightening, dangerous, mentally limited.”

There's much more to this article, including Palin's palin' around with Alaskan Birchers; her connection to a cultish off-shoot of Christianity, which believes that Alaska and Arizona will be the portals during the End Times; and how she believes she was chosen by God to become President of the United States of America. It's well worth the time to read.

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