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Herman Cain Announces His Presidential Candidacy On Cavuto’s Your World

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 13, 2011 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (1/12/11), Fox News fave Herman Cain announced his Presidential run to host Neil Cavuto in what purported to be an “exclusive.” Cain said, "Neil, today I’m announcing the creation of a Presidential exploratory commission, and you know what that means. We're going to test the waters for voter support and financial support. So officially today, I’m on your show first because I didn't want you to sic Guido on me. So this is an exclusive first." While he and Cavuto laughed heartily at the racist remark, nobody bothered to mention that, as Media Matters noted, CNN had already reported the news.

With good humor, Cavuto said, "You just made a racial comment. I'm going to let it go."

Cavuto noted Cain has no elected experience. But he quickly added, “Of course, you were a business titan at Godfather’s Pizza, a very successful entrepreneur and businessman. What else do you bring to the table because a lot of people might say, ‘Yeah, he’s a hell of a speaker, he knows how to wow and jazz a crowd, I see that myself.’ What else do you have?”

Cain said, "I'm a problem solver. That's what businessmen do." He said that being a political novice “could be a good thing…. A lot of people out there that are ready for an unconventional candidate… and that could very well be Herman Cain.” He then worked in a plug for his website.

Cavuto pointed out that “business titans” such as Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman “have had a pretty checkered past running for office” although, Cavuto continued, “not you.”

Cain said he “won’t have to” pay for his own campaign. He said affably, "I'm not as rich as you keep telling people that I am."

Cavuto responded, "You're the one who made the guido comment by the way. I'll just let that go." Cavuto smirked and Cain laughed.

How could a journalist like Cavuto laugh and let a racial comment go? How could Herman laugh at his own racial comment?

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