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Will Fox "News" Guy James Rosen Report On Tea Party Vitriol Towards Liberals?

Reported by Priscilla - January 12, 2011 -

Think Progress reports that Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips has stated that the shooting in Tucson is "part of the war between the left and the tea party." He is encouraging his followers to claim that Loughner is a "liberal lunatic." He claims that "liberals want to destroy liberty and freedom in this country." And yet, Rosen, who just can't imagine why Paul Krugman would violent rhetoric on the right, thinks that Sheriff Dupnik's commentary about "vitriol" is inappropriate.

Addendum: Think Progress also reports that a number of Arizona Republicans have resigned from their local party organization because they fear for their safety after having received troubling communications from fellow Republicans with Tea Party ties. The photo that accompanies this thread shows a Tea Party member holding a sign saying "we came unarmed (this time)."