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Megyn Kelly Provides Platform For James Rosen To Attack Liberals (And Sheriff Dupnik)

Reported by Priscilla - January 12, 2011 -

Megyn Kelly's "America Live" is supposed to be part of the Fox "News" lineup and as such "fair & balanced." Right? But yesterday, she provided Fox reporter and writer James Rosen with the opportunity to editorialize on the evil libruls who dared criticize the hate rhetoric of the sainted right wing. Rosen also provided more reinforcement for the Fox driven agitprop directed against Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who dared criticize the vitriol in the right wing with specific references to Fox News - and of course we know that Fox personalities, being the good godly patriots that they are, would never involve themselves in hate speech. Right? But just in case ya didn't read Rosen's article on the Fox "News" website, he was there, on "America Live," up close and personal to, sum up the right wing talking points that he included in his article: liberals rushed to judgement, Dupnik is politicizing the tragedy (unlike Fox fave Sheriff Babeau who politicizes the border situation?) yadda, yadda. Of course, as with his article, he doesn't mention the right wingers who were portraying Jared Loughner as a "pot smoking liberal," communist, yadda, yadda. But pretty slick propaganda which started on the website and then made it to Fox TV "news" where it was presented by two Fox "fair & balanced" reporters who, rather than really take a look at what passes for "discourse" on Fox News, attack liberals - or, as James Rosen put it in his article, take "political cheap shots."

Earlier this week, Rosen published an article, on the Fox website, which accused the left of taking "political cheap shots" against the right in the commentary about the "vitriol" in the media - much of it emanating from talkers on the Fox News channel and on right wing radio exemplified by the very sainted Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday, Megyn Kelly provided the framing for Rosen's commentary by reporting that immediately after Loughner's identity "there was speculation about the gunman's motive and the politics involved." Rosen wasted no time in throwing some cheap shots at Dupnik: "As you know the Sheriff in Pima County, Clarence Dupnik, a Democrat raised a lot of eyebrows this weekend both among legal commentators and the general public" (so whose eyebrows, exactly?) "when he appeared to go beyond the known facts in this case and suggests that suspected gunman, now accused gunman, Jared Loughner was influenced by the quote unquote vitriol said to be prevalent in American political discourse." Dupnik merely said that unstable folks can be influenced by a climate of hatred - a concept that many psychologists would agree with and something that was certainly a motivating force behind Tiller assassin Scott Roeder. Rosen added that when Kelly "politely challenged Dupnik, he could only respond 'that's my opinion'." Rosen continued that before the facts were known about the shooter "some democratic commentators and politicians were already being explicit in casting blame for the massacre way beyond the shooter." He quoted the sections of his article where he cited commentary from Krugman and Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell who dared criticize Fox despite his having been on Fox at least 159 times. (What an ingrate!). Rosen said that Loughner has never, as far as we know, mentioned the tea party, Sarah Palin, Fox News or any of the other culprits "so swiftly accused by leading voices on the left." Video of historian Douglas Brinkley was shown in which he said that this should be used as a "sensory moments for democrats beating up on Republicans..." More right wing editorializing from Rosen: "Some commentators have contrasted the swiftness with which liberal analysts have discerned political origins for the Tuscan slayings and the caution with which those same analysts urged us all to display before leaping to conclusions in the case of the Fort Hood massacre." (Oh, Snap - work in a Muslim connection for more cheap shots against liberals.")

Kelly's only commentary was a question about Loughner's possible connection to an anti-Semtic group. Rosen had three and a half solid minutes to push the propaganda.

Comment: Methinks they doth protest too much!


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