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Democrat Alicia Menendez Challenges Bill O’Reilly's Fixation On Tucson Sheriff Dupnik: Does He Make You Nervous?

Reported by Ellen - January 12, 2011 -

O’Reilly’s second “top story” last night (1/11/11) was more about “politicizing” the Tucson massacre – which just happened to offer yet another opportunity to attack Tucson Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for suggesting that inflammatory rhetoric has set the stage for the kind of shooting tragedy that happened there over the weekend. Not that that should stop a right winger for attacking someone on the left over their rhetoric. With exactly the same lack of proof O’Reilly has demanded from Dupnik, O’Reilly proclaimed to his “No Spin Zone” audience that Dupnik was “harming the country.” Unfortunately, Democrat Alicia Menendez, sitting in for Alan Colmes, did not catch the hypocrisy. But she did a darned good job confronting O’Reilly nonetheless.

O’Reilly started with another bit of hypocrisy – reiterating that “politics and law enforcement shouldn’t mix.” Unless you’re a conservative law enforcemer, that is.

I would have loved it if Menendez had challenged O’Reilly on his blatant double standard instead of jumping (like every other Fox News liberal I’ve seen) to criticize Dupnik for his remarks. But I’ll forgive her because of her following comments:

(Dupnik) is the only one among us who is on the ground in Arizona and so I think his perspective in that regard is worthwhile…

We have a branch of the Republican party that is extremely against the federal government, that’s extremely against anyone who works for the federal government, and while that is not responsible, we have to contextualize what has happened in the scope of our national conversation. And that is, for sure, a fringe part of it…

As O’Reilly continued to attack Dupnik, Menendez pushed back:

…Why are we sitting here talking about him instead of talking about what we do to move forward? … So he makes you nervous? … If there’s nothing legit about what he’s saying, then why is he making you nervous?”

O’Reilly answered that it’s because “our job here is to spotlight people who are harming the country and I think Dupnik is harming the country.”

Wait a minute, Bill! Do you have any proof for that? Or does being a pundit allow you to do – offer unsubstantiated, inflammatory opinions – that which you criticize Dupnik for doing?

Menendez shot back:

I think there are a lot of people harming the country much worse than this guy… But you might have some influence over some of those other people.

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