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Fox News Website Accuses Left Of "Political Cheap Shots" After AZ Massacre!?!

Reported by Priscilla - January 10, 2011 -

In a classic demonstration of selective outrage and a "double standard," the Fox News website has an article titled "Arizona Massacre Prompts Political Cheap Shots." James Rosen states "...Rather, many on the American Left said the horror could be traced to the malign influence of American conservatives; members of the Tea Party; right-wing pundits Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; and Fox News. That was the narrative of culpability spun in the immediate aftermath of the shootings by some leading liberal commentators and Democratic politicians..." Examples of "the many," that he cites are Paul Krugman, Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell, and Democratic Senator Dick Durban all of whom commented on the climate of hatred in this country some of which they believe is fostered by Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh (oh, no you didn't!).

Being a loyal foot solider for the American ring, who are now circling the wagons around their beloved Sarah Palin, Rosen references how Krugman cited the now infamous Palin "cross hairs" (a motif also used in Laura Ingraham's "Factor" discussion about Planned Parenthood). Rosen then says tries to exonerate Palin: "Unnoted by Giffords then, or Krugman now, is the routine use of similar language and imagery by both parties in a culture obsessed with "battleground" states. Indeed, a nearly identical map, included in a Democratic Leadership Committee publication in 2004, featured nine bullseyes over regions where Republican candidates were considered vulnerable that year, and was accompanied by a caption reading: TARGETING STRATEGY." Rosen also seemed to criticize Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for his commentary regarding the "vitriol" in Arizona. Meanwhile, we have the very right ring Michelle Malkin detailing "the climate of hate on the left" which includes hatred of traditional marriage. "Newsbusters" throws in some Islamophobia in one of it many threads that whine, as does James Rosen, about the evil, librul media trying to blame Sarah Palin and the right for what is really left wing vitriol: "Media Falsely Blame Palin For Giffords Shooting, But Refused To Talk Islam At Ft. Hood. "Gateway Pundit" claims "Left-Winger JARED LOUGHNER – He Likes Watching US Flags Burn & Favorite Book is Communist Manifesto." So if we're talking "cheap shots," the adage "pot, meet kettle" comes to mind!

BTW, Krugman's analysis about the climate of violence, aided and abetted by those who preach hatred and division is spot on. Yet, as we know, Fox's Bill O'Reilly even got an award, from a hate group, for his hate speech which was part of a climate of hatred that led to the assassination of a doctor who helped women. I remember the words to the song that talked about "how many deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died." The answer is not on Fox "News."

Media Matters has a compilation of right wing attempts (cheap shots?) to link Jared Loughner with the "left."


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