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"Fox & Friends" Now Scapegoating Sheriff Clarence Dupnik?

Reported by Priscilla - January 10, 2011 -

After having interviewed, Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, Brian Kilmeade hosted an interview with Fox fave Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeau, who makes frequent appearances, on Fox, to complain about how the Obama administration is being negligent with regard to the border. It appears that the right wing isn't happy about Dupnik's commentary about the "vitriol" in Arizona and Babeau's appearance could be part of some "damage control" on the part of Fox to deny what is, clearly, a harsh reality of life in not just Arizona but across the divided country - a division fostered by the right wing and its mouthpiece Fox News. And now that Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has called out what he sees as hatred coming from the media, Fox News has decided to call him out for his accurate assessment of the hatred and vitriol which is tearing this country apart. In James Rosen's article about the left taking "political cheap shots," Rosen claimed that "Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a Democrat, also found a political element in Saturday's bloodshed." And now we have a right wing sheriff who is providing a "rebuttal" to Dupnik's commentary. Talk about shooting the messenger!

After commenting about how this situation is tragic, Babeau said "to inject and then to say in Arizona, talk about bigotry and hate and how Arizona is somehow the capitol for this is simply very unfortunate..." Babeau expressed hope that folks will "take a moment and calm this down and wait till the facts come out and not insert our opinion." Kilmeade asked "in looking at Sheriff Dupnik's background, are you surprised by that comment?" (Background? Huh?) Babeau replied that although he and Dupnik have differing political views, the alleged shooter has mental health problems "and to ascribe political motives and now to launch a political assault naming elected leaders in America and to say that they're connected, there is no basis in fact does nothing to help....." He asserted that people "look to law enforcement to find out the facts and the truth of what happened and not to give an opinion." Kilmeade said "right." The agitprop chyron: "Out of Line, Sheriff's Criticism of Political Vitriol." When Kilmeade asked if political leaders should be afraid, Babeau said that there have always been political leaders who have been killed but this situation involves somebody "who is mentally ill, it's not some agenda."

Comment: First, what was up with Kilmeade's subtle reference to Dupnik's "background?" Fox should love Dupnik as he is a devout Catholic and father to six children. Oh wait, he criticized that wonderful Arizona immigration law which Brian Kilmeade and Sheriff Babeau support. Now I get it. Second, Dupnik's commentary was about the hatred and vitriol in this country some of which was directed at Rep. Giffords in the form of death threats and vandalism of her office. As Paul Krugman says "that doesn’t mean that his act can or should be treated as an isolated event, having nothing to do with the national climate." One has only to look at the signs carried by tea party members to see hatred and vitriol much of which was directed towards a president that many see as a Kenyan communist, Nazi, anti-Christ person who "has a deep seated hatred towards white people." (Now who said that and on what network!) During the run up to the health care vote, there was a noose delivered to an African American member of congress while another African American congressional rep had a swastika painted on his door. While Babeau claimed that Dupnik "named" elected leaders, according to the Washington Post, the only names that Dupnik named were Rush Limbaugh and "national press people like Glenn Beck" when Dupnik discussed how people are inflamed by the media. Like many Americans he "despises this right-wing or left-wing rhetoric." But he criticized the kind of rhetoric which Fox "News" promulgates and those are fighting words. Fox News is fighting back with their attempt to deflect any criticism from them onto "left" whom, they claim are scapegoating them. Meanwhile, Sheriff Dubnik seems to be the Fox News scapegoat du jour. Hatred and vitriol at Fox "News" - nothing to see here, move along. It's really Dupnik who is the hater. Pretty slick propaganda. Is Sheriff Dubnik in the crosshairs of Fox News?


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