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Brit Hume Shrugs Off Tucson Tragedy: Shootings Happen

Reported by Ellen - January 10, 2011 -

Brit Hume was shockingly matter-of-fact on Fox News Sunday yesterday (1/9/11) as he seemed so determined to prove that right-wing rhetoric played no role in the Arizona massacre and shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords over the weekend that he seemed to argue that murderous rampages are just an unfortunate part of democracy.

Hume said,

“Horrible thing, disturbing, even a little depressing. You hear the prescriptions now beginning to be suggested as to how we might address this. Better security for Congressional members. I suppose that would help. You’re hearing, you know, remarks about the nature of American discourse. It’s way too early to know what effect American discourse of any kind had on someone who appears from all accounts to be quite deranged. We inhabit an open society where public officials mingle openly and pretty freely with their constituents and others. And I think this is part of the risks of democracy. It’s a remarkable thing, really, when you see how exposed members of Congress and other officials are to the public, that there isn’t more of this sort of thing. This is a case where it happens every now and then in America – somebody goes on a shooting, murderous shooting rampage. That’s what appears to have happened here.”

I have a feeling Hume would have a completely different attitude if it were him or his family in the crosshairs.

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