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Beck Condemns Violence- While Fear Mongering About Attempts To Kill Sarah Palin

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 10, 2011 -

By Aria

Glenn Beck's 1/10 radio broadcast was quite possibly the most offensive thing I have ever heard in my life. It was nothing but political pot shots, fear mongering and a double standard on violence, with the Tuscon shooting as a jumping point. The low point was when he combined all three. At one point in the broadcast, Beck started reading an email exchange he had with Sarah Palin and during the segment, he urged her to get private security protection because she and her family might be targeted, and "an attempt on her would bring the Republic down."

In other words, Beck exploited Saturday's tragedy to fear-monger about a hypothetical attempt to kill Sarah Palin and implied that it doesn't even have to succeed because just an attempt will somehow destroy America. And he inserted this into a rant supposedly condemning violence, to boot. Still wanna talk about so-called "cheap shots" from the left, FOX NEWS?

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