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Greg Gutfeld Gets Spanked By "Newsbusters"

Reported by Priscilla - January 9, 2011 -

"Newsbusters," founded by Fox fave, crusader in the war against the "gay agenda," and scolder of "teenage temptresses" Brent Bozell, is a site dedicated to ferreting out liberal bias in news networks and other media that don't, like Fox News, claim to be "fair & balanced." Fox "News" and "Newsbusters" have a thing (albeit a very chaste and heterosexual one) going on in that they occasionally throw metaphorical kisses to each other. Thus, I was stunned and amazed that "Newsbusters" would be critical of Greg Gutfeld whom "Newsbuster" Lachlan Markey gushed over in his description of how Gutfeld "masterfully mixes keen political insight and scathing critiques of contemporary Amerian culture with a healthy dose of humor." "Newsbuster" Tim Graham, five star general in the "Newsbusters" Christian legion of honor, was not happy about Gutfeld's recent commentary that skewered the homophobes in the religious right who are boycotting the CPAC convention because of the inclusion of a conservative gay group "GoProud." Gutfeld might have hit a little too close to home because the Media Research Council, of which Graham is "Director of Media " and Bozell the holy father, has dropped out of CPAC because they might catch teh gay. Thus, Mr. Graham had himself quite the hissy fit in his Newsbusters column in which he accused Gutfeld of "whacking" (a-hem) the religious right. What's that saying, "you always hurt the one you love." But Gutfeld does need a little discipline and I suspect that he rather enjoys it!