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Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. - Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford "Leaned Republican"

Reported by Priscilla - January 8, 2011 -

Today's shooting in Arizona is tragic. I was actually thinking that the Fox News coverage of this event, in which an Arizona Democratic Congresswoman was shot and a number of others, including a Federal Judge and a child, were killed, was quite good. Shep Smith provided excellent reporting as well as that touch of empathy that marked his coverage of Katrina. Fox News had the information about the crazed ramblings of the shooter before MSNBC. But after Shep signed off, the Fox News automaton, otherwise known as Jon Scott signed in. The direction was stage right when one of Fox's legal beagles, Peter Johnson Jr, appeared. Whereas Greg Jarrett, during the Smith coverage, provided some very good legal analysis, Johnson went straight partisan. (Quelle surprise!) He actually said that Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford was a "Republican leaning Democrat." Without citing who, he referenced one of her Democratic "colleagues" who had criticized her on that librul blog "Daily Kos." After Johnson's piece, Scott played audio of Arizona legislator Russell Pearce, sponsor of the Arizona Immigration Bill, who expressed his concern for Gifford's family. Just when I thought that Fox "News" was being "fair & balanced" in comes Peter Johnson Jr. Nuff said.