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While Promoting Anti-Choice Rhetoric, Bill O'Reilly Attacks Another Doctor

Reported by Priscilla - January 7, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly, an aging conservative Catholic "traditionalist" male who was accused of sexual harassment, hates abortion. As a soldier in the anti-choice war on women, he made it his mission to defame a doctor who performed legal and safe late term abortions. His relentless demonization of Dr. George Tilller contributed to the climate of hate in which Dr. Tiller was assassinated and whose death is seen as mere "collateral damage" by those who aspire, as does Mr. O'Reilly, to send women back to the good old days of back alley abortion. For his jihad against Tiller, O'Reilly even won a "Courage Award" from the hate group, The Family Research Council. O'Reilly, a wealthy man who certainly cannot remotely understand the emotional and economic ramifications of an unplanned pregnancy, wasn't a fan of the recent "groundbreaking" MTV special "No Easy Decision" which featured three teens who spoke about their abortions. Fox News "comedian" Greg Gutfeld has already denigrated these young women. In addition to slut shaming, Bill O'Reilly attacked, in last night's "culture warrior segment," Dr. Drew Pinsky, who, during the program, provided information about abortion and facilitated the discussion among the young women. As noted by Salon writer, Lynn Harris, it "told the many-sided truth: that abortion is safe and common, that abortion has been made difficult to get, and, most importantly, that abortion is a complex decision made by complex human beings." But not so for Bill O'Reilly who, once again, used his popular platform to spread anti-choice propaganda and attack Dr. Pinsky. One hopes that Bill's apparent "fatwa" against Dr. Pinsky, whom Bill claims was "glorifying abortion," will not result in harassment of a doctor who cares about women. Maybe Bill is angling for another "courage award!"

O'Reilly's anti-choice propaganda was evident in his first graphic which showed the MTV logo with "Glorifying Abortion?" superimposed on it. Rather than stating that this show engendered both positive and negative reactions, he said that the show has "been criticized by some as glorifying abortion." Obviously, the "some" are those in the anti-choice movement who, as demonstrated by the reaction in that community, said the same thing that Bill was saying. He showed video of Dr. Pinsky stating the truth - that abortion is safe and common. A short clip of the girl's commentary followed. After Pinsky told the girls that they are "courageous," America's baby saving daddy said, with daggers in his "baby blues" - "Here is a memo to Dr. Drew, abortion not very safe for the fetus." (Fetuses being more important, in Bill's world, than those who carry them) Bill told Gretchen Carlson that "it's obvious that Pinksy, who I don't even know is glorifying abortion. It's obvious to me." He cited Pinksy's body language and tone of voice as a basis for his belief. He added that "it rubbed me the wrong way." Carlson said that she wasn't paying attention to Pinksy but to Markai's story which, Carlson noted, was "compelling" and involved a decision not made in a cavalier manner. Bill admitted that "nobody is saying that these young women make these decisions lightly" but because these women had experienced prior pregnancies, there "is a responsibility that wasn't addressed in this documentary at all." When Carlson said that it was addressed, Bill repliedthat these were the girls whom Pinsky said were courageous. When Carlson opined that Bill was "mixing apples and oranges" and commenting on Pinsky, Bill, clearly agitated, said "I'm commenting on the tone of the presentation and that's what kid's watching it pick up." That's when the slut shaming started when Bill declared that "if you get pregnant at 16, you're irresponsible." When Bill asked Carlson if that message came through, she said "hmmm" and Bill said, emphatically, "no." Margaret Hoover schooled Bill by informing him that Pinksy's "courageous" description was not about abortion, but referred to how the girls came on TV to talk about it. Bill felt that Hoover and Carlson, as educated women, picked up on that point; but he just couldn't believe that teens would. Carlson shot back that the vast majority of viewers came away with a "far deeper understanding" of the "reality and complexity" of the issue. Bill concluded that "you guys might be right and I might be wrong on this, I favor a "tough love" presentation when it comes to the subject of abortion." He added that if it were up to him he would tell teens, considering an abortion, that "they are irresponsible and they may have to kill a potential human being." But he finished with a comment about how he can't put himself in other people's shoes because that's not fair."

Comment: Kudos to Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover for their compassionate analysis of the emotional issues surrounding abortion and their support for the teens. They showed a level of understanding of which Bill O'Reilly is incapable. For him, it's all about shame and humiliation which would have served to make these teens feel even worse. As the show was about the stories of these young women, it would havebeen inappropriate and counter-productive for Pinsky to have reprimanded them the way that Bill O'Reilly wanted. Bill was upset that the "pro-life" guilt trip meme of abortion as "killing your baby" wasn't mentioned - a meme not shared universally. But Bill can't put himself in the shoes of those teens - f'ning A straight, he can't. But he can provide a shout out to his anti-choice pals and in so doing attack an innocent doctor who told the truth and provided support to teens in crisis. And we know what can happen when Bill O'Reilly attacks.


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