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O’Reilly And Williams Gloat Over NPR Resignation

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2011 -

Nothing says “fair and balanced” like two talking heads with the same opinion. But that’s what viewers got last night from The O’Reilly Factor’s “top story,” which was about the resignation of NPR’s senior vice president for news, the same person who fired Fox’s Juan Williams, after NPR completed its review of its handling of Williams’ firing. There was NPR-phobe and host Bill O’Reilly and guest Williams who, you might say, had some sour grapes left. Sour grapes that were sweet as candy to O'Reilly.

Here’s some of the “fair and balanced” discussion. Williams called Ellen Weiss, the just-resigned NPR news executive, “the enforcer of political correctness of liberal orthodoxy at that place… I mean, she basically enforced an inbred culture at that place which is why I think it’s such a fearful place even today.”

O’Reilly sneered about NPR’s plan to increase its diversity. “They’ve learned their lesson, Juan,” O’Reilly said mockingly. “You buyin’ that?”

No, Williams wasn't. He thought the network would “perpetuate what’s been there… The institution’s been there since the early 70’s and the people that came, you know, were on college campuses and they thought they were alternative radio and all that… They’ve grown into a mainstream media operation… and yet they think that somehow they don’t have to operate by the rules of the world. They don’t have to hear everybody’s opinion.”

“They didn’t, because they’re on the dole,” O’Reilly spat.

Nevertheless, O’Reilly sounded positively gleeful as he said, “Karma is alive.”

“What goes around, comes around,” Williams said cheerfully.

And then it was time for the next segment about NPR which – surprise, surprise – also featured an anti-NPR guest, Laura Ingraham.

But then, what else would you expect from the network whose chairman called NPR Nazi’s?