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Multimillionaires O’Reilly And Ingraham Whine About “Elitism” And Bias At NPR

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2011 -

George Orwell could not have written the script better than the words that multimillionaires Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham uttered last night (1/6/11) as they complained about elitism, bias and ideology at NPR. This in a segment where both pundits had the same anti-NPR point of view, following another segment in which both pundits had the same anti-NPR point of view. Come to think of it, I didn’t see any pro-NPR point of view on The Factor last night. Project much?

Ingraham: “It will be just a matter of time before the same old creeping liberal elitism rears its ugly head in NPR.”

O’Reilly: This is an unfair outfit. It should not be getting public funding. It is promoting an extreme point of view. It is not upholding any of the journalistic tenets of freedom of speech, robust debate.

Other than the part about public funding, those very same words could have described Fox News to a T. As for promoting an extreme point of view, I’d like to see O’Reilly tell me who on NPR is the equivalent of Glenn Beck? What regular guest is as extreme as Ann Coulter or Jesse Lee Peterson? Feel free to email the show at oreilly@foxnews.com.

Ingraham: It promotes liberalism, it’s all about promoting liberal ideas. And liberalism is not about, really, diversity of opinion or thought. It’s about tamping down on those who disagree with the governing, ruling, liberal elite…>

Now that’s rich. If there’s anyone on Fox News who can’t stand an opposing view, it’s Ingraham. She makes Sean Hannity look downright tolerant.

O’Reilly: What we say here is not ideologically driven. We tell you the truth.

Sure you do, Bill.