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Dick Morris Confuses Obama COS William Daley With Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2011 -

Has there ever been a more discredited pundit than Dick Morris? You've got to wonder whose toes Dick Morris has been sucking at Fox News that allows him to keep his job there - unless hating the Clintons with every fiber of his being is enough cred for a gig at the "fair and balanced" network. Morris' latest gaffe was going on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss President Obama's choice of William Daley, Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton and business executive, as his new Chief of Staff. Unfortunately, Morris seemed to confuse William Daley with his brother Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago. (H/T Aunty Em)

Morris told host Steve Doocy that Daley was a bad choice that would hurt Obama because "He's (Daley) used to running a city. He's used to executive experience, being a mayor, not legislative experience... He's never been in Congress to my knowledge."

Doocy did interrupt Morris to tell him that Daley was Clinton's Commerce Secretary and that "some Republicans like him" because his business experience shows "he knows big business."

Instead of admitting his mistake, Morris said Daley "comes from a checkered past, shall we say?" Morris' "evidence?" "His father was one of the most corrupt mayors of the United States... is noted for his corruption," Morris said, with a mean-spirited chuckle.

Media Matters has more on Morris' distortions in this segment.