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Tea Party Senator Mike Lee Can’t Identify What Specific Budget Cuts Can Be Made

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2011 -

Newly elected Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), identified as a Tea Party candidate, was asked by Sean Hannity last night (1/5/11), “I think the American people want to know where, specifically, and how much, specifically, you think you can cut (from the federal budget).”

Lee: Well, uh, OK. What we need to do is lay down the gauntlet and say we’re not going to spend more than we take in right now. Our businesses are doing this. Our families are doing this. Our state and local governments are doing this. Once we adopt the balanced budget amendment – I agree with Ron (Johnson (R-WI) by the way. That’s why the balanced budget amendment that I’ve been preparing contains not only a requirement that we balance the budget but it also contains a restriction and other provisions saying we can’t spend more than 20%. Once we lay down the gauntlet right there, and say we’re not going to do this anymore, then we can start looking at categorical, across-the-board cuts. And nothing can be held sacred. Every department, every program has to be on the table.

Hannity: And that means defense?

Lee: Potentially, even defense. We can do this, I believe, in a way that doesn’t jeopardize national security, that doesn’t jeopardize the lives or the livelihoods of our brave young men and women. But we can look at the procurement process. We can look at the administrative cost that we incur in Washington and I think we can find cost savings even there.

I didn’t see any specifics there, did you? But Hannity didn’t seem to mind. He moved on to another question.