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Now It’s Bill O’Reilly And Dick Morris Suggesting Boehner Should Cut Out The Crying Jags

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2011 -

After seeing now four Fox News pundits publicly suggest that new Speaker of the House John Boehner should turn off the waterworks, I’ve got to wonder if this isn’t an official Fox News effort to get Boehner to stop blubbering.

On the heels of Fox’s Sean Hannity and Rich Lowry publicly opining that Boehner should stop crying in public, Bill O’Reilly kicked off a discussion with Dick Morris last night (1/5/11) about the new Republican-led House of Representatives by saying, “First of all, just a personal note with Boehner. I don’t really know him very well… The crying thing? Is that – what do you think? What do you think about that?”

Morris chuckled as he joked, “I got my crying out of the way as Obama was passing all these programs.”

O’Reilly pressed. “Well, what about the new speaker. He cries a lot. Does it matter?”

Morris said, “I think, third time is a little too much but we’ll see.”

O’Reilly pressed again. “If you were advising the Speaker, would you say – and I think he’s genuine in his emotion. I absolutely think it’s genuine, it’s not phony. Would you say that, “Maybe you don’t want to do that so much?”

Morris suggested that maybe Boehner shouldn’t. “You have to teach someone how not to cry… And it’s a speaking gimmick. It’s a technique. You think of something that will not make you cry while something that would make you cry is happening.”

“Yeah, mind over matter,” O’Reilly said, hinting that that’s exactly what Boehner should exert.