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The Beck Year That Was: The Sequel

Reported by Aunty Em - January 5, 2011 -

For the last 15 months I have been covering, if you will excuse the expression, Glenn Beck for News Hounds. Consequently Glenn & I have recently celebrated our 2nd News Year’s Eve together. For The Becketeer, 2010 ended with a whimper. Despite having promised me a whole new kind of show for the New Year when 2009 came to a close, there were really no changes over the previous year. The villains in 2010 were the same and the conspiracies were essentially the same. The only real difference is that the villains got bigger, as did the conspiracy theories. That’s why, when Beck started promising late last year that his show in 2011 will be new kind of show, I was seized by the MEGO factor (My Eyes Glaze Over). I’d heard it all before and so had all The Beckerheads, even if they didn’t realize they were watching a rerun. As if to highlight the repetitious nature of his broadcasts, Beck’s shows during the holiday Christmas season were clips shows, essentially Glenn’s Greatest Hit Jobs.

Before I get to The Beck 2011 Showroom Model, let’s give last year’s model a cleaning and get some of the rust off. It might still have some resale value, despite being old and tired.

The year offered more than attacks on George Soros and any organization, person, place or thing George Soros ever had anything to do with ever since the beginning of time. Media Matters practically called Glenn Beck “The Home of the Whopper” with a year end wrap-up called “15 Whoppers Beck Did Not Get Fired For In 2010.” The article, which references everything from his Soros smears to his climate change denials to his Islamaphobia, ends with delicious irony:

No. 1 Fox Will Fire Beck If He Tells Lies

BECK: "[D]o You Really Believe That I Could ... Just Make Things Up And Remain On The Air?" Beck said:

What is it that we make up? I would ask you to just take a moment here -- do you really believe that I could -- or anybody here at Fox News could -- just make things up and remain on the air? No. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 11/29/10]


REALITY: Despite A Litany Of False Claims, Fox News Has Not Fired Beck.

Because his audience seems to accept any lie that tumbles from Beck’s, err, mouth it’s no wonder Beck placed second, for the second year in a row, in the Daily KOS year-end poll “Ass Clown of the Year.” It’s also why “Fox News Viewers” came in as #1 in the same poll.

It’s also why Media Matters re-titled its “Misinformer of the Year” “The Glen Beck Honorary Excellence in Misinformation Award.”

Aside from the same litany of villains and conspiracies in 2011, let’s give Glenn Beck his due: He managed to attract an estimated crowd of 97,000 to several billion (depending on which source you use) Teabaggers to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Since he urged his adherents to leave their signs at home, we were denied the inherent comedy of misspelled words and racist slogans from the faithful.

However, the 8/28 Restore Honor Rally and Holy Mass was virtually the only project the ADHD-suffering Beck saw through to the end (other than his ghost-written books). He distanced himself from the 9/12 Project he fostered; dropped “The Plan,” his 100-year plan to create a new ‘Merka; didn’t write or issue the book called “The Plan,” the hard-copy of his 100-year plan; dropped the entire concept of “Refounders;” and seemed to all but unplug his ubiquitous red phone hotline to the White House, although the phone made a cameo appearance on Beck’s inaugural show (01-04-11) of 2011:

When I told you about all of these problems, we installed a red phone, this one -- because they denied that any of these things would happen. They said, none of the things would happen. And we put the red phone right here on the desk and we said, "Call us. If we got it wrong, call us."

They never called. They never will call. I'm not waiting for the call anymore. In fact, if I may—[finally unplugging phone] I'm not interested.

There's a new attitude. It is a New Year. Today, this program begins a new chapter.
I want you to stop watching this program. I want you now to start using this program. Words are meaningless unless they affect you and change you and lead to action.

We will show you in their own words tonight -- the left wants a violent revolution. Tonight, I am going to issue my own call for a revolution -- except this call is for a personal revolution. And let it begin right now.

So far it still sounds like the same old show, doesn’t it?

Like any good propagandist Beck also appropriated the language of his enemy:

After spending years and quite frankly, thousands of man hours in research over the last few years and reflection, and prayer, my team and I have come to realize that when I said a couple of years ago that a fundamental transformation of America was not needed, I was wrong. It is required. But it is the polar opposite and far more powerful than what President Obama meant when he called for transformation of America.

Retiring the in-your-face-Fairey-inspired posters of Faith, Hope and Charity—something else he became bored with?—he flipped the chalkboard to reveal an entirely new concept:

Over the next 12 months, all of the divisions of my company, which I run, called Mercury Radio Arts will focus now on what I call the E-4 solution. The four Es. They're over here.

E-1 is enlightenment. "I am that I am." [Popeye? Izzat you?] Who are you in relation to everything? [E-2 is] Education -- how did we get here? What did people sacrifice? What were the mistakes? [E-3:] Empowerment -- do you know the power that you have as an individual? You're in America. Stop sniveling. Stand up. You were born at this time with the skills you have for a reason. And, entrepreneurship -- when did we stop believing a brighter future—always changing but always brighter? When did we stop being the people that think out of the box? When did we stop saying, let's build better things, a better way? Let's just take all these things away. That's ridiculous.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about the 4 E’s as time goes on. However, it remains to be seen whether Beck can retain his interest in his latest project or allow it to fall by the wayside like so many of his other idiocies. By this time next year E-4 may be nothing but a memory. Only time will tell.

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