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Greg Gutfeld Defends Gays?!?!

Reported by Priscilla - January 4, 2011 -

It must be the end of the world as we know it. Last week, Greg Gutfeld and his panel totally trashed the right wing Republican homophobes who are boycotting CPAC because of the inclusion of a gay group, "GoProud," at the conference. Who knew! I was shocked that Mr. Gutfeld, who hates women who have abortions, could be so enlightened when it comes to gays and gay issues - although his desire to set up a "ground zero" gay bar, which made use of homosexuals in order to give the metaphorical finger to Muslms, doesn't exactly make him a liberal! Given Gutfeld's general right wing orientation, his reasoned discussion about right wing homophobia was quite the anomaly for Fox News. But what was even more remarkable was that Gutfeld threw some well deserved satirical barbs at homophobic Peter LaBarbera and his group, "Americans For the Truth About Homsexuality" - an organization dedicated to obsessing about gays in order to "out" the nefarious "gay agenda" which, according to "Porno Pete," is destroying our society. It is strange. Was this really Greg Gutfeld or some kind of pod person who has taken over his heretofore small mind? Has Greg Gutfeld experienced some kind of transformational "road to Damascus" epiphany which has made him a kinder and gentler person? Was this really Greg Gutfeld or a very clever imposter? Go figure! And whilst one program, doth not a trend make, I will be watching Mr. Gutfeld (albeit suppressing a gag reflex) to see if this newfound openness continues into 2011.

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