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Fox News Website Banner Headline Attacks Comedienne Kathy Griffin?

Reported by Priscilla - January 4, 2011 -

When I first saw the great, big headline, I thought that I was on "Gawker" or "TMZ" but the little blue Fox "fair & balanced" logo assured me that I was, indeed, on the Fox News website. While one could say that the topic is just more celebrity gossip, for Fox News, it's a priority as it concerns Fox contributor and Madonna of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin. Who cares about politics and world affairs when a nasty, evil, gay loving, "raunchy" librul woman like Kathy Griffin is "targeting" Sarah Palin's daughter Willow! This is big, big, big and as such it's all over the media. Just kidding, it's big on the right wing "National Review" and right wing Tucker Carlson's right wing blog, "The Daily Caller." And showing that sisterhood is powerful, it's a topic on the Greta Wire blog. Thing is that the highly entertaining Griffin will get the last laugh as this just gets her more publicity. What's that old saying about "as long as you spell my name right?"


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