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Fox News Makes Clever Use Of The Birther Controversy To – What Else? Attack Democrats

Reported by Ellen - January 1, 2011 -

Fox News has mostly stayed above the fray of the Obama birther conspiracy theorists but last week (12/30/10), America Live waded into it with the clever angle of suggesting that Democratic Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie is the crazy one for trying to prove once and for all that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii. In an anti-Democratic twofer, the network got a Democrat to do the Democrat bashing, in this case “Democratic strategist” Dan Gerstein. He either deliberately or inadvertently played right along with the Abercrombie-bashing game. I’m not sure which would be worse.

In her introduction, Kelly said, “Well, it’s a fight not worth having. That warning comes from some liberal circles and goes out to the Hawaii governor, Neil Abercrombie… Now some Democrats are urging Mr. Abercrombie to stay out of this battle. So, do they have a point?”

Gerstein, of course, thought they did. He accused Abercrombie of bringing the birther issue to light “for no reason” and said it “just blows it up again.”

Kelly seemed to agree. “It was quieting, quieting down. The number of requests for the birth certificate had gone down. It was like even the birthers were quieting down.”

“Absolutely,” Gerstein said. “And the mainstream Republicans were sort of saying, ‘Leave this alone, it just makes us look extreme and vindictive.’ And now, all of a sudden, he for no reason – you can understand the emotions behind it - just blows it up again and creates a distraction and legitimizes to a certain degree some of the crazy attacks… The governor would have been much better off making a joke about the tooth fairy than weighing into this than trying to legitimize the questions.”

It was conservative Rich Lowry who took – to some degree – Abercrombie’s side. “But end of the day… more exposure’s better rather than less. So just release everything. And yeah, they’ll come up with absurd conspiracy theories but why not just get it out there?”

Nobody mentioned that Fox News has its own birther in the form of Lou Dobbs, right there in the stable of Fox News contributors.