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So Much For American Exceptionalism! Fox News Wants The U.S. To Be More Like Canada

Reported by Guest Blogger - December 31, 2010 -

By Brian

Fox News complains that Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism but when Congressman Chris Lee (R-NY) went on Fox News’ Your World yesterday (12/30/10) to sing the praises of Canada’s new (lower) corporate tax rate and urge the U.S. to follow their example, nobody accused HIM of not loving our country. In fact, guest host Brian Sullivan gave every indication of agreeing with Lee.

"You got a lot of companies that are based in upstate New York who will find it mighty easy to pack up and move to Ontario." Sullivan commented, after offering a Fox News Alert about Canada “slashing” its corporate taxes.

Lee said, "Most definitely… Corporate tax rate is critical for investment… We've let our corporate tax rate remain at 35% while most industrialized countries over the last decade have halved their rates." He blamed that for the “radioactive, slow decline” in the economy.

"What are you prepared to do about it?" Sullivan asked.

Lee said he’ll be on the Ways and Means Committee in the next Congress. "The government really has to create an environment for businesses to succeed. And it's the tax rate. It's reforming our tort costs which, compared to other industrialized countries, we’re 2-4 times higher than most. And that’s just a tax on business."

Sullivan chimed in supportively, "Canada's economy by almost every measure is stronger than ours right now. What can we learn from Canada?"

"Start by looking at their corporate tax rate,” Lee said. “…They've been lowering it each and every year… We've been ignoring businesses… They are the job creaters, not the federal government."

"Are we at risk of losing companies and jobs to Canada?" Sullivan asked.

"Without a doubt," Lee said.

So how is Canada doing? According to the website, Trading Economics, Canada's GDP since 2007 hasn't gone above 1.5%. Compare Canada to the U.S. and decide for yourself!

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