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Fox Report On Unusual Tornadoes And Winter Weather Avoids Mentioning Unusually Warm Temperature

Reported by Ellen - December 31, 2010 -

There were a series of freak storms today: As USA Today reported, "Tornadoes fueled by unusually warm weather pummeled the South and Midwest on Friday, killing at least six people and injuring dozens more across Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. Forecasters said storms later in the evening could hit as New Year's Eve celebrations begin along a stretch from near Chicago to New Orleans." But a report on the storms on Fox Report this evening left out the role of unusually warm weather.

As Think Progress noted,

The tornadoes are part of an “unusual” storm front fed by “warm, moist air in place over the region.” On the colder edge of the front, “the storm responsible for the deadly tornado is also bringing a dangerous winter storm to the West and Midwest,” with up to three feet of new snow from California to Idaho.

But there was no mention of the unusually warm weather on Fox Report's report on the storms.

Substitute host Trace Gallagher reported on “unseasonable thunderstorms that spawned tornados” and reporter Casey Stegall told about a "winter blast" in Phoenix and Nevada that was "as we know, very unusual for that neck of the woods.”

Then AccuWeather’s Katie Fehlinger came on and said, “A very rare event to see severe weather, especially this far south at this particular day of the year… The last time we saw this kind of tornadic activity was about 60 years ago so a rare event to say the least.”

But not a peep in this report about the possibility that climate change might be a factor. USA Today reported,

(Meteorologist Chris) Buonanno said there appears to be some association between changes in South Pacific Ocean temperatures and changes in the flow of the jet stream in the central part of the United States, causing an uptick in violent weather.

Fox News' hostility to climate change science has already been conclusively demonstrated via a leaked email made public earlier this month. Apparently, the public scrutiny has not caused the "fair and balanced" network to rethink its slant.