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Greg Gutfeld Slut Shames Teens Who Had Abortions As "Morally Inept"

Reported by Priscilla - December 30, 2010 -

Like St. Augustine, former altar boy Greg Gutfeld, has abandoned his disolute ways for a pure and chaste lifestyle. He champions abstinence and slut shames those women who don't meet his standards of moral purity. But he directs his most misogynistic venom towards those women who dare to exercise their right to reproductive freedom in having an abortion. In Greg's affluent Catholic world, women who have abortions are sluts who "screw freely" and for whom a child is an "inconvenience" - not women for whom a child would be a severe economic or emotional hardship. For unmarried teens, whose mothers aren't wealthy former Alaska governors, abortion is sometimes the only viable option - a group towards whom Gutfeld, last night, mounted a venomous attack. Gutfeld, who will never know the anguish of making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy, directed his slut shaming towards a teen who did make the difficult decision to terminate her pregnancy - a decision which was the basis for the MTV special, "No Easy Decision." The show featured three teens who spoke honestly about their abortions including one who, in the MTV series "16 and Pregnant," carried her first child to term and has now terminated her second pregnancy. Dr. Drew Pinsky provided commentary. As noted by Salon writer, Lynn Harris, it "told the many-sided truth: that abortion is safe and common, that abortion has been made difficult to get, and, most importantly, that abortion is a complex decision made by complex human beings." But not so for "pro-life" Greg Gutfeld who, in claiming that MTV is now the "social arbiter for the morally inept," puts himself in the position of being a moral arbiter who is morally inept!

In opining on why MTV is so popular, Greg attributed it to "putting skanks in the ranks." He cited "Jersey Shore" and "Teen Mom" which, he claimed, "puts unwed motherhood in a snow globe." He snarked about a teen mom, on the cover of a magazine, as a "nice incentive for girls already giving it up to guys with sports logos shaved on their heads." He continued with "if you're going to get poked by a dope, might as well be famous for it." He then said that he remember the days before MTV became an "arbiter for the morally inept." MTV is the whose to say network as in whose to say what's right and what's wrong. No suprise that last night's teen mom featured one girl who despite MTV's spiritual assistance still screws freely and gets an abortion." He mockingly cited the title of the show which "probably doesn't sum up MTVs take on the matter." He then went into a bizarre anti-choice rant about how if MTV had "balls" they'd do a show that "follows a zygote from the clinic to the dumpster although the ratings would suck. Fetuses don't get cable." (WTF??)

Comment: Gutfeld's lexicon is revealing in its seeming hatred of women for their sexuality - "Skanks," "Giving it up," "Get Poked," "Screwing freely." Rather than show some sensitivity regarding a problematic issue, Gutfeld resorts to basic slut shaming. I guess he would have us go back to the days when young women disappeared from high school in order to give birth to a child that, if it was birthed by a nice, middle class white girl, would go to nice, middle class white folks. If it didn't fall in that category, it would go to a not so nice orphanage to be abused by those whose faith condemns abortion as one of the two most "intrinsic evil" acts. (The other being gay marriage!) And then there were the girls who took desperate measures and ended up dead as a result of a "back alley" procedure. Ah, good times. Now it's left to right wing hack "comedians," like Greg Gutfeld to do the shaming of young women, like Markai, for whom a second pregnancy would be a true hardship.Teens get pregnant and have abortions. It's about time that the media tackled the complexities of the issue. The MTV special included discussion of birth control, the role of supportive parents, and the emotions following the abortion. But for Greg Gutfeld, it's all about shaming those slutty girls. As a Catholic, shouldn't Gutfeld be aware of the gospel in which Jesus talked about how those who have sin shouldn't be lobbing stones.

Addedum - Check out Gutfeld's reaction to the assassination of Dr. Tiller. "Pro-life" zealot. You betcha!

Check out the homicidal responses to Greg's hit piece, on Breitbart's blog, about Amy Hagopian. Hardly "pro-life."

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