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"Fox Nation" Uses Glenn Beck Website Audio To Accuse New Black Panthers Of Plotting Revolution

Reported by Priscilla - December 29, 2010 -

Fox News and its hate site "Fox Nation" do love that "scary black man" thing. And for Fox fans, there's no scarier black man than a New Black Panther. Hence the relentless Fox News coverage of "voter intimidation" by scary New Black Panthers and alleged corruption in a Department of Justice headed by a scary black man. That the allegations were coming from a GOP activist was no big deal for Fox "News" which does love that fear factor card especially when it can be played against minorities. "Fox Nation," which plays to its residents' fear and loathing of African Americans, has the following headline which is sure to be scary: "New Black Panthers Plot With Ahmadinejad To Overthrow America." (Youza - a "twofer" as we have fear of Iran coupled with fear of black dudes). It's ironic, don't ya think, that when teabaggers were talking about secession and "second amendment solutions, it was all good. But the thing is that this talk of an "overthrow" is based on audio supposedly taken at a meeting between the Panthers and the Iranian leader. There is no way to verify anything. The audio of Malik Shabazz's comments, originally posted on Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" site and now making the rounds of racist right wing sites, could be a compilation of statements taken at different times. But what is really disingenuous, on the part of "Fox Nation," is that this "overthrow" is based on interpretation of comments. There's talk of building "international alliances of the oppressed" and "securing" things which the "black nation" can use "to build the kingdom of God at home" such as natural resources "to build a nation right here in America." This seems to be standard rhetoric from the SPLC designated hate group - but did they and Ahmadinejad rap revolution? Obviously, "Fox Nation" thinks so.


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