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Tucker Carlson Treats Environmentalist Climate Hawk Like A Cult Member

Reported by Ellen - December 28, 2010 -

Subbing for Sean Hannity last night (12/27/10), Tucker Carlson hosted what purported to be a discussion about a New York Times op-ed, called Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming, that analyzes why “the overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes.” In typical Fox News fashion, host Carlson completely overlooked the substance of the article in order to create a political theater and cast environmentalism as the fool. In this case, Carlson and climate-change denier Chris Horner (no disclosure to the "we report, you decide" network's audience about his ties to the fossil fuels industry) painted climate hawk and talk show host Betsy Rosenberg as some kind of cult member waiting for a "spaceship."

Carlson made no attempt to have a reasoned discussion. He told
Rosenberg, “You’re making up all of this as you go along.” He called climate change environmentalists or climate hawks, as Rosenberg said she liked to call herself, “a religion and one with particularly fervent believers.”

As usual, Horner took snide swipes at his opponent. He said, “The idea that cooling now means warming shows that the science is far from settled… Now, what we’re seeing, Tucker, is the ‘say anything’ phase that every doomsday cult encounters when the spaceship fails to come as promised.”

Carlson chortled heartily at that swipe at his own guest. At the end of the segment, he told Rosenberg – who was polite and respectful throughout – “Good luck with your religion, I hope the space ship lands.”

Just another “fair and balanced” discussion on Fox News.

Video via Mediaite.