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Bill O'Reilly Issues Another Fatwa?

Reported by Priscilla - December 28, 2010 -

Bill O'Reilly says that radical Muslims are the reason behind what he claims is a global "Muslim problem." It's ironic, don't ya think, that while Bill invokes images of jihadi mullahs and imams, his calls to action seem to be cut from the same playbook. His views, regarding social issues, also dovetail nicely with that of the Taliban and when Christian "mullah" O'Reilly talks, people listen. When he urged his fans to contact a cartoonist who published unflattering images of Bill, his followers sent e-mail death threats. When he smeared Boulder Colorado High School about a lecture that he felt was contrary to his "traditionalist" beliefs, school personnel got death threats. Most times, his disciples don't need an exhortation to action. Bill's fans know when he's not happy and when Bill ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Bill certainly wasn't happy about Dr. George Tiller and attacked him relentlessly. The climate of hatred, aided and abetted by Bill, resulted in the murder of the doctor by a domestic "Christian" terrorist. For Bill's role in this anti-choice jihad, Bill received a "Courage Award" from one of the premier American Taliban hate groups, the Family Research Council. But Bill now has a new target and as a result of his unspoken Fatwa, she is being subjected to the kinds of harassment that, if done by Muslims, Bill would certainly describe as a type of terrorism.

As detailed in David Zirin's Huffington Post article, University of Washington Assistant Professor Amy Hagopian has committed the sin of writing a paper "an academic paper for the American Journal of Public Health making the case that military recruiters in high schools were in violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a threat to the public health of adolescents, and even suggesting military recruiting behaviors were akin to -- as she put it -- "predatory grooming." Bill, who is obviously in denial about the various military recruitment scandals and problems, attacked Hagopian for using the word "predatory" in the same sentence as military. Bill told his viewers that Hagopian made "outrageous claims" by comparing military recruiters to pedophiles. Even Geraldo Rivera, who usually takes the more reasoned approach, agreed. Bill claimed that military recruiters "save children in the ghetto" and that to say that recruitment tactics lure young people into a job that leads to suicide "goes beyond exaggeration." Bill is also in denial of the hard fact that suicide is a real problem for the military. And while stating that Hagopian has the right to make her opinion known, Mullah O'Reilly declared that she is "unfit for the classroom." His fatwa continued: "She is absolutely misguided, not telling the truth, and the University of Washington owes it to their students to have some kind of standard." Knowing that there is no way of verifying this, he claimed that when "we" called her she hung up.

Comment: One wonders if O'Reilly actually read Hagopian's paper as it is not readily available. It can be either purchased or accessed by those who are members of the American Public Health Association. What is available on the web is an abstract. If he listened to her interview, on a Washington radio station, he would have learned that what she said was that the behavior of military recruiters is comparable to those predators who groom children for future abuse by attempting "to gain the child's confidence and trust." She cited higher incidences of mental health problems among younger soldiers based on military studies. She contends that military recruitment, in high school, has negative public health ramifications. And for that she was targeted by Mullah O'Reilly who, according to his former producer, engaged in predatory behavior himself, albeit with an adult. And while O'Reilly scoffed at Hagopian's comparison of military recruitment behaviors to those of sexual abusers, there's some irony in the fact that, in 2006, "More than 100 young women who expressed interest in joining the military in the past year were preyed upon sexually by their recruiters. Women were raped on recruiting office couches, assaulted in government cars and groped en route to entrance exams..."

After Mullah O'Reilly made his pronouncement, his fans knew what to do. According to Zirin, his most likely Christian and "pro-life" fellow "traditionalist" fans "have sent threatening letters and e-mails to the school offices. They have made a series of profane phone calls to her colleagues. They have contacted her university and demanded that she should be fired for writing a peer-reviewed publication in the primary journal of public health in America." Zirin sums it up nicely: "That's not journalism, and it's not punditry. It's the actions of an obscene, indecent bully. If there is one object lesson I've learned about O'Reilly's character from these attacks, it's that he clearly despises women who tell sobering truths. I suppose he just wants them to administer happy endings." Another thing is clear - when Mullah Bill O'Reilly speaks, his culture jihadis respond. Words mean something. Right Bill?


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