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Media Matters’ Year-End Round-Up of Fox & Friends: It’s Like, “Almost” A News Show”

Reported by Aunty Em - December 27, 2010 -

Back when I worked in a newsroom (as a news writer I called myself a ventriloquist, because I put the words in the mouths of the meat puppets) one of the highlights of the year was the “gag reel” of taped bloopers, mistakes, and on-air flubs that the editors would put together to play at the annual “holiday” party. There’s nothing funnier than watching Laura DiBatista walk into a telephone pole while interviewing a mother or gearing Anne Mroczkowski say the Toronto Blue Jays had their “cocks cleaned” by the opposing team. Our friends at Media Matters have put together a highlight reel (or “lowlight” depending on your point of view) of the Top Ten moments from the Three Stooges on the Curvy Couch, aka Fox & Friends on the Fox “News” Channel.

Paddy, over at The Political Carnival reacts, “I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. What a bunch of mooks. I have no idea how the people over at Media Matters make it thru the day without their brains melting.”

And, as Heather at Crooks and Liars writes, “I'm glad someone else is watching this because too much Fox & Friends makes my brain hurt.” Watch:

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