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"Fox & Friends" Provides Platform For More Anti-Park 51 Islamophobic Opposition

Reported by Priscilla - December 27, 2010 -

Now that the Fox "News" temporary one day Christmas truce with all those evil, librul forces that are trying to destroy America as we know it is over, "Fox & Friends" has got its Islamophobic groove on again. You probably have forgotten the Murdoch/Pam Geller inspired controversy surrounding the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero but "Fox & Friends" hasn't and they're letting you know it. This show, part of a misinformation and anti-Islamic campaign (much of which has been directed toward Park 51) waged by Fox "News," has been relentless in its promotion (here,here , here, here, here, here, here, here) of those who oppose the mosque. Today, Alysin Camerota interviewed yet another opponent of the "mosque" and we're talking somebody with some radical Islamophobic creds. Ryan Mauro, national security advisor to the Christian Action Network, also contributes articles to David Horowitz's "Front Page Mag," such as "Legal Jihad to Silence Christian Action Network." (More "Fox & Friends" creds as a persecuted Christian!). Although not officially a "hate group," the Christian Action Network is described by the SPLC as one of America's top anti-gay groups which does way cool things like videotape gays, doing bad things like hand-holding, at gay events. And now they have a little video about how Park 51 is a really, really bad thing. And while Camerota's interview was fairly straightforward, it does seem interesting that this group, which earlier this year had an Islamophobic film called "Islam Rising," is being featured on Fox "News." But as they have a quote from Sean Hannity (along with one from neo-con, Islamophobe Frank Gaffney) on their website, maybe it's just a quid-pro-quo.

I didn't know that the "controversial" Imam Rauf is going on a speaking tour to promote Park 51; but Camerota told me so. She then reported that this speaking tour has "inspired opponents to also speak out" in the form of a film "Sacrificed Survivors, Untold Stories of the Ground Zero Mega Mosque." The chyron provided the name of the film. (And of course we do know that this isn't a mega "mosque" but an Islamic cultural center - but Fox's audience might not!). She introduced the aforementioned Ryan Mauro who explained that when 9-11 families go into the area of "Ground Zero" it's "9-11 all over again." (And which 9-11 families are these? We never found out.) Camerota asked if these families feel that Rauf is "ignoring them." Mauro said that Rauf claims that the Imam wants to foster interfaith communications and now he's "doing the exact opposite" and "causing hurt feelings." He described how the building is now being used as a mosque to which Camerota commented that the lack of any problems with its current use suggest that the Imam might be right about how the location of a mosque, in this area, isn't a problem. Mauro said that there is a question about the Imam's credentials and claimed that "the families" weren't consulted about it. He said that a mosque, in this area, would be similar to Germans, in 1946, building a German cultural center next to a synagogue. (Or maybe a Catholic convent next to Auschwitz - which actually happened and which the church, initially, supported. And if we're dealing with hypotheticals, how about a Catholic church being built next to a playground?) To Camerota's question of where the center should be cited, he said that people shouldn't have to see a mosque near "Ground Zero" and that "the families" should be consulted. He referenced how, in the film, they show the debris field which includes body parts. (Something covered by Fox & Friends). Camerota expressed hope that an amicable solution could be achieved.

Comment: "The beat goes on, the beat goes on...."


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