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Brian Kilmeade's Talking Heads All Right Of Center - Including Judith Miller?

Reported by Priscilla - December 27, 2010 -

This morning, Brian Kilmeade posed the question of whether James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, should have known about the London terror arrests. Clapper, during an interview with CBS's Diane Sawyer seemed clueless about these arrests. So this was a legit issue. Neo-con Cliff May did a lot of blithering about how Iran is a supporter of terrorism. (Oh, let's invade). Former George W Bush foreign policy advisor Eliott Abrams and Judy Miller (she of the aluminum tubes and Scooter Libby) were more measured and talked about how the reforms of the 9-11 Commission still don't seem to be working as there was a communication breakdown here. Nothing to see here move along? Not so fast. Interestingly, Judith Miller was identified as being employed by the Manhattan Institute which is a "conservative, market oriented think tank." I say interesting because Miller is featured as part of the non right wing side of the panel on "Fox News Watch." ((For example, a Dec.11th panel consisting of Alan Colmes, Andrea Tantaros, Jim Pinkerton, and Judy Miller ) So if she continues to appear, on "Fox News Watch," with one non conservative, does that mean the deck is stacked and "Fox News Watch" isn't "fair & balanced." Oh, noooo....As I say, interesting.