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We Have A Tie In Our Holiday Contest

Reported by Ellen - December 25, 2010 -

The judges have conferred and can't come up with a single winner for our contest: what should go under the tree of your favorite Fox News personality? Our tie winners are: Lil Crash and Library Lady! Lil Crash and Library Lady, would you please send me an email at the News Hounds gmail addy and let me know where to send your promo code?

Library Lady's entry was for all Fox News pundits:

One full year of experiencing life on minimum wage with no support system. Then they can cry about their bootstraps all they like.

Lil Crash had a special gift for Geraldo Rivera:

Snidely Whiplash Mustash WAX

For their efforts, Lil Crash and Library Lady will win free versions of the political IPhone/IPad game, Pop Dem Reps.

For being such a good, if unwitting, sport, we're going to send Geraldo an app, too.

To everyone else, thanks for your submissions. My sister and I had lots of Christmas fun reading them all.