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A Nice Holiday Message From A Reader

Reported by Ellen - December 25, 2010 -

We got a lovely note from a reader a few days ago. Although it was addressed to me, credit really goes to all the News Hounds, past and present.

As an older gentleman who started working for social justice a long time ago my greatest fear is that one day there will be no contrary voice to the venom and hatred which spews from so many right wing pundits day after day. They go after everything which our brothers and sisters fought so hard to acquire whether that be unions or equal rights or aid to disabled people. In a land of immigrants they rile continuously against any present day immigrant seeking solace in this country. They also work damn hard to make sure once here they face impossible odds to gain any semblance of respectability.

They offer entire packages of lies and half truths about the effect of these immigrants. They repeat them so often their audience takes them for granted as true and puts tremendous pressure on politicians to work against these poor folks. They also dominate and control the paradigm under which discussion even takes place. They begin with an entire unchallenged jump to the right wing of any discussion. If you are not prepared you are thrown into a lion’s den of epitaphs and jingoistic venom which is hard to overcome. You can find yourself outFoxed by being led to a discussion which furthers their agenda rather than challenges it.

It takes folks like you, Ellen, to point out day by day how this agenda is fostered and kept alive. There was a time when the visions they put forth were too ugly to be given serious play but the total domination of the radio and most of the TV by this right wing venom has given them the resemblance of respectability. I thank you for tirelessly pointing out and expounding on the danger of having such disinformation and lies spoken as if they were true.

Richard Sieber

Thanks, Richard. We couldn't agree more.

And to everyone who has to work today so that those who are celebrating Christmas can have the day off, including our troops, may you find joy and peace somewhere, sometime in the holiday season.