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Steve Doocy Gets Schooled On "Happy Holidays" By Jesuit Priest

Reported by Priscilla - December 24, 2010 -

In its relentless coverage of the bogus "war on Christmas," which is really all about petulant right wing Christians who are upset that society no longer conforms to "Leave It Beaver" 50's norms, Fox & Friends enlisted a Catholic priest (the official Fox religion and the one that Bill Donohue wants everyone to covert to) for a discussion of - you guessed it - the "war on Christmas." I suspect that they thought that this priest would validate their we hate godless non Christian theology that beloved Fox in-house clergy person, Father Jonathan Morris, does on a regular basis. Obviously they're not familiar with an intellectual Catholic order that does not pander to emotion, but rather stresses that awful thing - reason. Monday's "Fox & Friends" guest, James Martin, SJ, feels that the "war on Christmas" has been lost to consumerism. Oh, noooo.....

Good Christian Steve Doocy tried - he really tried - to work in the requisite agiprop with his statement, to Martin, that "you feel that the war on Christmas has been lost by Christians." Martin said that he "didn't know if Christians have lost it" and continued with commentary about the "marketing" of Christmas which makes people feel overwhelmed by "pressure to buy." (Oh, no, is this priest anti-capitalist?) Doocy continued to get Martin to validate the "Merry Christmas" meme with, "if it started at Halloween you'd be fine if they said Merry Christmas, but it doesn't. It says Happy Holidays or things are simply red or green." Martin was in serious blasphemy land when he said "it's not so much that that bothers me, it's more about consumerism and the pressure to just shop, shop, shop..." Good Christian Gretchen continued to push the meme with a list of stores that have "taken Christmas out of their motto." She cited the Macy's "believe" theme. Martin quipped, "unless they believe in shopping, I don't know what they're talking about." He must have blown their minds when he said he was bothered by advertising that uses "overt Christan tropes and themes" ("tropes" - isn't that one of those "elitist" words?) "that are associated with Christmas but are used to market consumer goods.." (Wait a minute. I thought that Fox News and Bill Donohue want the Baby Jesus in all the stores! I'm confused!). Doocy and Carlson cited a survey in which Jesus was second to spending time with family on a list of what Christmas means. Martin said that it was interesting seeing that Jesus is the reason for the holiday. In response to Doocy's question of what can be done, Martin said the war was lost (Oh, noooo.....) but that "passive resistance to the regime in power" such as "carving out time for youself, cutting back on shopping" (he must be a Marxist) "and not going crazy, and reclaiming Christmas for yourself in your own life." Meanwhile the chyron pushed a message that Martin, clearly, wasn't: "Holiday vs. Holyday: Survey 67% Say Jesus Isn't What They Enjoy." When Doocy said, naturally, "Merry Christmas Father, Gretch laughed and Father Martin said "Yeah."

Comment: Steve and Gretch didn't have that warm Christian Christmas glow that they radiate when talking to fellow we hate those godless atheists Christian Christmas warriors. What are the odds that Father James Martin, SJ will ever enter the hallowed halls of Fox News ever again?! And despite Father Martin's reasoned presentation, Doocy was back, two days later, braying about how real Christmas spirit means never having to say "Happy Holidays."


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