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"Fox & Friends" "War On Christmas" Adds To Anti-Islamic Hate Speech?

Reported by Priscilla - December 24, 2010 -

I really thought the "reason for the season" had something to do with "peace on earth" - a notion that has, as its underpinning, a little thing called tolerance. But "America's Newsroom," despite being in the vanguard of the so-called "war on Christmas," seems to be promoting discord on earth - especially to those who don't follow the Christian, Christmas orthodoxy as promoted by Fox "News" and its right wing Christian fan base. The economy sucks, there's still no peace in the land of Jesus, and AIDS is still ravaging Africa - but, I guess, these things pale in comparison with the affronts to Christian Christmas which are a main theme on "Fox & Friends." Last weekend, "Fox & Friends" reported on how Santa Claus was "banned from a Minnesota school" - an "outrage" that's making the rounds of anti-Islamic and white supremacist blogs. In response to complaints from unidentified parents, the Head Start of Mankato, Minnesota, has told "Santa" that his services would no longer be needed. Alysin Camerota and Dave Briggs interviewed Dennis Jackson who has played Santa for four years. They read a comment from Head Start: "We have Somali families in the program. We’re respecting the wishes of the families." Jackson vented his frustration to the hosts and claimed that the minority should respect the majority. He suggested that children should be able to "opt out" of visiting Santa. It now appear that, as a result of publicity surrounding this issue, there has been "virulent" anti-Somali reaction on various websites. As such, two Mankato Somalians have publicly stated that Head Start erred in banning Santa and expressed agreement with "Santa" Jackson. But nice to see Fox "News" spreading Fox Christmas cheer and the Fox Christmas message of hate on earth. The baby Jesus must be so happy.

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