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"Fox & Friends" Shows Some Christmas Love To Persecuted Christians

Reported by Priscilla - December 24, 2010 -

It's freaking Christmas Eve and "Fox & Friends" is still beating the persecuted Christian drum. Remember the "stalking truck" - the truck with the Jesus message that followed the bus with the dirty atheist signs? Well, it has come to pass that the Fort Worth Transportation Board feels that the ads are divisive and has henceforth banned religious advertising on all its vehicles. So you'd think that this is win for Christians now that the dirty atheists can't have their evil signs on city buses. But nooo, Ainsley Earhardt is asking if religion is being "unfairly censored." Heath Hill, of the stalking truck, says yes and that it might be a violation of free speech because now Christians "can't get their message out." But Heath did say that the reaction to the truck was positive after which he did a little preaching about how God still loves atheists. The requisite Fox Christian agitprop: "Debating the Role of Faith, Religion Being Unfairly Censored?" Ainsley wanted to know if the atheists are now asking questions about God. Hill said he's going to be doing lunch with one of the leaders. Ainsely had a great big smile when she wished him the best. Her smile got bigger when she said "I guess I can say this to you, Merry Christmas." (Aww, Ainsley, you know you'd say it to an atheist.) Heath said happy birthday to Jesus. You just can't make this crap up - actually, if you're "Fox News" you can!

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