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Fox News “Democrat” Doug Schoen Pleased Eric Holder Has “Butched Up” And Morphed Into Dick Cheney

Reported by Ellen - December 23, 2010 -

The Hannity show’s Great American Panel partook in one of a zillion discussions on Fox News about Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s gaffe in an ABC interview. Last night (12/22/10) the panel contained the usual two conservative guests (plus the conservative host) “balanced” by Fox News “Democrat” Doug Schoen. At least during the Clapper discussion, Schoen refrained from joining the pile on. Instead, he joined with substitute host Mark Steyn in praising Holder’s “morphing” into Dick Cheney.

Schoen deliberately sidestepped the Clapper matter by saying, “We have to thank heavens for some small favors. The fact that Eric Holder can now be cited for talking about home-grown extremism and an issue we have to watch, I think is a step in the right direction, Mark, however small, and it’s pretty rare that anyone here, certainly me, would cite Eric Holder on terrorism but today, he gets the gold star." Schoen was apparently referring to Holder's ABC interview in which he said that homegrown terror threats keep him "up at night."

Steyn replied, “Yeah, Eric Holder is morphing into Dick Cheney. He suddenly butched up…” Presumably, Steyn was referring to Holder’s defense of indefinite detention of terrorism suspects.

Schoen interrupted. “Well, all to the good.”

Nice to see a Democrat so glad that our Attorney General is acting like Dick Cheney.