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On America Live: Bill Donohue Says "Pathological" Non Christians Should Either Convert To Catholicism or STFU About Christmas

Reported by Priscilla - December 22, 2010 -

In accordance with the Fox "News" position that Megyn Kelly's "America Live" is part of their allegedly "fair & balanced" news programming, Ms. Kelly presented two sides of the "war on Christmas" debate. And while the selection of guests was "fair & balanced" -the radical right wing Catholic, Bill Donohue, of the radical right wing "Catholic League" paired with Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists - Kelly's partisan view was not exactly subtle. Silverman appeared on Kelly's show, earlier this year, to discuss his group's Christmas is a myth billboard which caused all kinds of Christian hissy fits and inspired Bill Donohue to set up a rival we love the baby Jesus billboard. So the stage was set for a discussion about a Canadian university study which shows that "the pervasive presence of Christmas displays in December makes people who do not celebrate Christmas feel like they don’t belong, and it harms their emotional well-being." Bill Donohue, who claims that pedophile priests are homosexuals, blamed sex abuse victims for the sexual abuse, described proponents of religious diversity as "cultural fascists," referred to those Catholics who don't agree with him as "termites," and accused "secular Jews" of hating Catholics and the Pope had a lot to say. I really think that he and fellow right wing Catholic Bill O'Reilly were separated at birth because, like Bill O'Reilly, Bill Donohue thinks that those non-Christians who are discomforted by omnipresent Christmas tchotchke should just suck it up. Taking it even further,he suggests that these dirty heathens should go to a pub, move to a Muslim country, or convert to Catholicism. Read on for some wild and whacky Bill Donohue commentary and a little video treat from SNL which relates to the topic at hand.

Megyn Kelly opened the segment with a brief report about the Simon Frazier University study and lawsuits regarding Christmas items in the workplace.. She cited the part of the study which indicated that the presence of Christmas trees, in a room, made people uncomfortable. (She had a small Christmas tree next to her modernistic, leg shot desk.) Donohue said that they would really be uncomfortable with him because he would get rid of the tree and put up a Nativity set. (Take that you godless non Christians!) Bill's verbal pugilism escalated with "tell them to get over it." He then did a litany of those who are "excluded," including "mothers who feel excluded from father's day" (WTF!) and said "too bad." He added "It's Christmas time and 80% of the country are Christmas." (really) He got into Pat Buchanan territory with "unless you want a deracinated society, where we rip up the roots, which I think that some people like Dave want, you simply say it's too bad. I have absolutely no sympathy for these people." He claimed that this is a "contrived way to dumb down Christmas...let em have an eggnog." (A nice pogram for good measure?). Kelly worked in some agitprop when she said that viewers ask, regarding the Christmas cultural sensitivity, about how this is "inclusive of Christians to banish the Christmas tree." Silverman, calmly and arrticulately (unlike wild Bill) explained that this an important issue for the workplace because if workers are uncomfortable, productivity is lost. Bill claimed that his Jewish friends (imaginary?) say this is ridiculous and that "everybody celebrates Christmas." He claimed that 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas which is more than the frequently cited Rasmussen number of 83%. (Kelly said 92%)

He then brayed that if people are made uncomfortable by Christmas displays - are ya ready for it - they should "convert to Catholicism." (Only Catholics celebrate Christmas?) because that would be inclusive. Kelly burnished her Catholic creds with a question about how inclusive is it for Catholics when Christmas trees are banished. Silverman said that "nobody is banishing anything." Bill yelled "that's what you want to do. Censure everything." As a part Irish-American I cringed when Donohue referred to non Christian discomfort as a "pathological condition" and that the Irish remedy is go to a pub. Bill showed more of his bigotry when he said that if people don't like Christmas they should move to a Muslim country. "Speaking to Bill's point," Kelly played a video clip (making the rounds of Christian right wing blogs) of NPR's Nina Totenberg saying "excuse the expression, Christmas party." Silverman, not distracted, continued with his point about how work is not about religion. Kelly mockingly described part of the study methodology regarding "teeny" Christmas trees and used her tree as a prop. Bill said that folks who are uncomfortable with Christmas "belong in an asylum." Kelly asked why an atheist sign and a Menorah couldn't stand beside the Christmas tree. Silverman responded that businesses should be neutral because religion is divisive. Bill ranted about how everyone, Jews included, love the Catholic League Central Park Creche. When Silverman said he didn't think that Jews were as enamoured as Bill claimed, Bill accused Silverman of being a "secular Jew" unlike Bill's good Jews who "aren't offended by Christian symbols." Bill predicted lots more billboard wars and loudly blithered about how we are a Judeo-Christian country. In his best Sister Mary Bill voice, he again told people to "get over it or convert, become a Catholic then you'll have all inclusive." (It's beginning to sound a lot like Inquisition!) When Silverman predicted that Christmas was going to become totally secularized, Donohue said that's what Hitler wanted. When Silverman said that Hitler was a Catholic, Donohue shouted that Hitler was an atheist. (As documented in "Hitler's Pope," Hitler and the Catholic church were quite cozy. Also, Hitler was never excommunicated.)

Comment: Fortunatey, I do know Catholics who are, unlike Donohue, tolerant and intellectual. They really need to get a new spokesperson because Donohue is an embarassment.


Watch "Snookie," "Stefan," and "David Paterson" sing "Oh Christmas Tree."