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In Responding To Colbert, Bill O’Reilly Reveals He Worries That Largesse Will Be Wasted On The Poor

Reported by Ellen - December 21, 2010 -

Now that the brouhaha over his appearance on The View has died down, Bill O’Reilly is now obsessing about Stephen Colbert mocking him about Jesus and helping the poor. O’Reilly spent at least three segments discussing it on The O’Reilly Factor last night (12/20/10), including his Talking Points Commentary. In defending his stance, O’Reilly made it pretty darned clear that he thinks the poor are likely to be squanderers.

At about 3:21 in the video of Talking Points, below, O’Reilly said,

Judeo-Christian tradition does not require blind largesse. We are not mandated to buy people gin or cocaine or pay someone else’s bills if they refuse to work. If you want to do that, you can in a free society. But to force the responsible to pay for the irresponsible is immoral in my opinion. The U.S. government makes no distinction when it comes to entitlements. The feds to not drug test or regulate the behavior of those on the dole. And there’s no question that the feds waste billions of dollars every year, money taken from hard working people.

That sort of suggests, Bill, that you think a lot of entitlement money is going to good-for-nothings instead of decent people who might really need some help. Or maybe you think it’s worth it to make deserving people go without so that you can be sure that not a penny of your money goes to someone who might fritter it away.

It also suggests that you think the feds ought to monitor how people spend their government benefits. I wonder if you feel the same way about tax cuts for the wealthy. Since we are often told on Fox that tax cuts for the wealthy will help create jobs, how about the feds monitor each millionaire to make sure my tax dollars are really going to job creation and not some trust fund for a fat cat’s offspring?

Underneath the Talking Points segment is Colbert's riff on Jesus as a liberal Democrat.

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