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Fox News Casts Jon Voight As A National Security Expert To Advocate Against START Treaty

Reported by Ellen - December 21, 2010 -

Where else but on Fox News would a so-called news show trot out the likes of Jon Voight to analyze the START treaty? You can almost see the wheels turning in the minds of Hannity show producers: nuclear disarmament issues? Let’s turn that complicated subject into a made-for-TV-News skit. Predictably, the treaty got sidelined as a prop in a production more focused on portraying President Obama as the big threat to our country.

Subbing for Sean Hannity, guest host Mark Steyn introduced Voight “as the sanest man in Hollywood,” meaning, of course, that he’s a strong conservative. It also suggested that being conservative was the only cred needed for such a discussion.

“Is (the treaty) even relevant to the world we’re living in today?” was Steyn’s first question to Voight.

Voight said there’s “a lot to say about that,” but first, he complained that the treaty represented Obama’s “dangerous and naïve notion.”

Steyn knew his role well, too. “Why does Obama want to mortgage America’s ability to react to those (nuclear) threats to some bilateral deal with Russia? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?”

Voight agreed it doesn’t. But any Fox watcher worth his salt knows the answer. And it didn’t take Steyn and Voight long to come up with it, either:

Steyn: The president’s view is… if America just abases itself before the world, if it shows that it doesn’t want to be the superpower… if it wants to put its might up for grabs and forswear its great strength, the rest of the world will love us.

Voight: Get on the phones, folks, and make sure that we encourage our senators to reject this thing… I don’t know how many more wrong Obama policies we need to see (Steyn started laughing) before we wake up to the possibility that this man is capable of destroying our country… We’ve seen over the past two years that he’s not qualified to keep America safe and strong.

Can there be any doubt Voight will be starring soon in a sequel?