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Bill O'Reilly Tells Muslims, Jews, & Hindus To STFU About Christmas?

Reported by Priscilla - December 21, 2010 -

Good Christmas Christian Bill O'Reilly, in his latest column, "A Very Liberal Christmas," hurls more "Christian" invective against those who, according to Bill, are trying to destroy Christmas. Bill even throws in a nice Christian Christmas lie when he claims that the "ACLU threatened schools in Tennessee with doom if they promoted Christmas" The truth is that the ACLU merely "reminded the school departments that holiday celebrations focusing primarily on one religious holiday amount to a school’s unconstitutional endorsement of religion" "Doom?" Excuse me? There was rich irony in Bill's claim that "the anti-Christmas people are tiresome and petty." (I think one can safely say that those who use "Merry Christmas" as a profession of superior faith and a religious litmus test are, at the least, petty and at the most incredibly offensive.) As usual, he throws in the perfunctory Christian right reference to Christmas as a federal holiday. This cliché is also a canard in that Bill (and the Christian right) use the official holiday designation to demonize those who, like the ACLU, fight to keep religion out of the public domain as well as those who say, as does News Corps' Rupert Murdoch, the satanic words "Happy Holidays." Bill does a little "projection":Some liberal people believe that Muslims, Jews and atheists might feel "left out" of the Christmas revelry. Well, I feel left out when folks eat onions because my stomach can't tolerate them." (It's not that they feel "left out," Bill. They don't like to be forced in!) He continues with what appears to be some editorializing and what could be Bill's best quote of 2010: "That's just the way it goes. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and most every other religious group have their own special days, do they not?" So screw you, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus, you have your special days so just STFU. And when Bill O'Reilly says Merry Christmas to you, you'd better say it back and then get down on your heathen knees and ask the baby Jesus to forgive you for trying to destroy Christmas!