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O'Reilly Takes Credit For Omnibus Bill Abandonment, Even Though It Happened Before O'Reilly Went On The Air

Reported by Ellen - December 20, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Bill O'Reilly was not only pleased as punch Friday night (12/17/10) that the omnibus spending bill had been defeated, he took credit for the defeat even though he acknowledged that the bill was pulled "just moments" before O'Reilly had urged his viewers to contact their Congressional representatives and ask them to vote against it.

"You want action, you've come to the right place," Bill O'Reilly crowed during Friday's Talking Points. He played a clip of Thursday's Talking Points from the night before (12/16/10) in which he urged viewers to contact their Congressional representatives and "ask them to vote against it." O'Reilly continued, "Now, just moments before that statement (urging viewers to voice opposition to the bill), Senator Harry Reid pulled the corrupt spending bill from the Senate floor. Of course, while I was bloviating, I had no idea, but Reid did! He knew that once the honest media got a hold of the bill, it was toast... So please give yourselves a round of applause this evening. I know thousands of you contacted your elected officials last night."

So although those thousands of O'Reilly viewers contacted their representatives AFTER the bill had already been pulled, he could still take credit because Reid JUST KNEW that O'Reilly viewers were about to come after him and rather than deal with them, Reid caved. Riiiight.