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On Fox & Friends Only Christians Pray!

Reported by Priscilla - December 19, 2010 -

It's Sunday and you know what happens on Sunday Fox & Friends. The one true "America's Newsroom" religion contributor from the "one true" Catholic faith, Father Jonathan Morris, gets to do his little sermon. (Did you hear the joke about the priest and the rabbi who appeared on Fox "News" - it was only the priest! Baddaboom) Today Morris discussed a recent study, of victims of domestic violence, which suggests that prayer can help relieve stress. Despite the findings that those who focused not on God, but on a "virtual friend," have the same results as those who focus on "God," Morrison said that God prayer was better because it promises results. (For those who get killed in abusive relationships - not so much!). He also mocked those who have "imaginary friends" as mentally unstable. (Oh, the irony but I won't go there!). He also didn't cite how the lead researcher said that the downside of prayer is that those in the relationships might postpone a decision to leave the relationship. (The "Atheist Rabbi" has a great take down on this study). But the real take away from this segment was the Fox & Friends chyrons which, throughout the piece, had the Christian cross as the graphic. I guess other religions don't pray. But as Fox is America's Christian newsroom where no other faiths need apply, it's not surprising that they think that the only real prayers are Christian prayers! Can somebody give me an amen!


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