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"Fox & Friends" Disses Jesus?

Reported by Priscilla - December 19, 2010 -

The weekend crew on Fox & Friends are not in the inner circle of Jesus BFF's like the weekday crew who are true Christian soldiers fighting the perpetual Fox "News" "War on Christmas." But the weekend warriors are part of Fox Christian broadcasting and one of their "peeps" is the Fox News resident Catholic priest so they should pay homage to the official Fox religion and religious propaganda. Thing is, though, that they did a segment this weekend on "Holiday" (oh, no, they didn't....) shopping at Home Depot. There was no mention of Jesus as the deity and the Nativity story, a mortal sin that is committed by the librul media - according to Christmas clubbers Steve Doocy and Brent Bozell. War on Christmas alert! Paging Brent Bozell! There's been a Christmas violation on the Fox & Friends set and Baby Jesus is really pissed. And BTW, some of the Home Depot things were pretty cool!

Such blasphemy! But doesn't Dave Briggs look fabulous as a reindeer head?!


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