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Bill O'Reilly & Brent Bozell: Concerned About Teenage "Temptresses"?

Reported by Priscilla - December 19, 2010 -

Fox talking head and Fox contributor Brent Bozell are both older, very Catholic, very conservative guys who have a lot to say about how evil, godless libruls are attempting to destroy "traditional" Christian values. Bill O'Reilly, who is "looking out" for America and America's children, is especially concerned about what teen entertainer Miley Cyrus is doing and wearing. In following her career, he has done quite a bit of finger wagging about what he perceives to be lewd and lascivious behavior on Miley's part. It appears that Brent Bozell, whose Media Research Center also looks out for lewd and lascivious behavior in the media which, naturally, is corrupting America's Christian youth, is very, very concerned about a young lady who has definitely caught Brent's discerning eye. It appears that Brent has, as has Bill O'Reilly with Miley Cyrus, scrutinized what Taylor Momsen has been doing since she starred as "the adorable Cindy Lou" in Jim Carrey's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." According to Bozell, Ms. Momsen has truly fallen from grace, as detailed in his Newsbuster article about a "teenage temptress." (complete with photo for the good conservative Christian Newsbusters fans to meditate by). According to Brent, her recent media appearances show her "offering herself figuratively as a morsel for men twice her age." Brent goes on to describe, in detail, a video in which she appeared in her underwear. While the accompanying magazine cover photo of Momsen is self descriptive, Brent references her garters, stockings, and black panties. He also quotes Momsen as saying that "her best friend is her vibrator - which gives her something in common with Bill O'Reilly! (Maybe Momsen should "friend" Bill?) But Brent and Bill are cut from the same conservative Catholic cloth and fight the same valiant culture war. While they are concerned about librul hatred of the baby Jesus, they share a concern about "teenage temptresses" - gotta love those "family values!"


Brent's lesson on moral turpitude or "occasion of sin?"

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